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Stubben Genesis Spezial Dressage Saddle


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Stubben Genesis Spezial Dressage Saddle

Like no other dressage saddle, Genesis Spezial Dressage Saddle is oriented towards the principles of classical equitation.

Made with the famous 'Spring Tree' design which is created to flex and move with your horses back whilst also protecting the wither and the rest of the spine. 

The Genesis Spezial Dressage Saddle was designed on the basis of the Tristan Spezial model. The saddle seat is equipped with the Stubben's back-friendly “Biomex” technology, which places the rider in the centre of balance without restricting him or placing him against the horse’s movement, and has an extremely short panel.

The Genesis Spezial Dressage Saddle features facilitate the rider’s direct aids with back and legs, and provide for maximum contact between horse and leg. The effects of the direct aids are supported by the flap girths which fasten the flaps close to the horse. 

The cut of the flap in this particular saddle provides more room to move; freeing up the horses shoulder. 

The soft knee roll allows the rider to put their knee right on the horse and not pinch. This saddle also comes standard with long billets which traditional standard German riders believe allow maximum stability on top of a very supple horse. 

Genesis Spezial is daily used and recommended by Catherine Haddad, the well known student of Willi Schultheis.

Flap straps
Deep seat
Panel in matching tone
Without gusset panel
Long billets
Blue saddle cover

Popular Upgrades

De Luxe Leather: 
High quality, premium de luxe leather.

Saddle Bag De Luxe:
High-quality, durable textile cotton with a rubber and nylon web handle for comfortable and easy transportation.

There are more ways to customise your saddle.  Including fourth billets, coloured piping and stitching and accents, Swarovski crystals and panel modifications. Contact us for further enquiries!

If not in stock please allow 12 weeks for delivery.

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