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Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups

Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups Anthracite 4 3/4


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Bow Balance stirrups are equipped with the internationally approved System-4 technology which is characterized by a forward and backward moveable tread which turns the riders heels in the correct low position. the movable tread enables permanent contact and additionally provides very good foothold and relaxed calves. 

The latest stirrup design ensures and improved leg position. the changed weight ratio on these stirrups results in perfect balance and greater comfort for the rider. the widened tread is made out of two types of rubber properties and takes effect in shock absorbing grip. 

Flexible in four directions, it softens the impact on the riders cartilage and ligaments without creating an unstable feeling for the rider. Bow Balance design provides easy "pick up" upon mounting as they require little effort on the riders part - a simple touch of the foot to the stirrup and it gently folds onto the riders foot. 

Made from Stainless Steel
Due to rubber covers the actual size is a little smaller. 

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