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HKM Rubber Ball For Horses

HKM Rubber Ball For Horses


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HKM Rubber Ball For Horses

Toys for horses like Jolly and Mega Balls include items for your horse or for the horse loving child. Toys for horses to play with are more popular than ever. Hanging toys for inside stalls can eliminate stall vices such as pacing, weaving and cribbing. Pasture toys often contain treats that the horse removes. Durable rubber balls with handles, such as Jolly Balls, encourage movement and play in the stall or pasture. We have horse toys for children and the young at heart including Breyer horses and all the accessories you want for your collection.  covers, miniature trailers, plush toys or rodeo gift sets make great presents for the young equestrian in your life. HKM Rubber ball for horses diameter approx. 25 cm


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