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MP Leg Worxx

MP Leg Worxx

MP Gloss

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MP Leg Worxx 

No mess, no wastage
Leg Makeup in a handy Flip Top Dispenser

How to choose a colour -
* Chestnut is a true red chestnut colour best suitable for use on light to red chestnuts to match scarring or to enhance points on legs
* Dark Brown is best suited to red- dark livery chestnuts to enhance or where Darkening of leg points is required.
*  Black - best used on dark/black greys, dark brown with black points, bays , blacks etc
* Light grey - best used on white - silver grey coloured horses where a more subtle grey colour is required to enhance points.

Apply sparingly with a damp cloth - a little goes a long way. Wear gloves
Used to highlight and enhance, exceptional colour coverage over any colour hair..

Can be used on the face for a more matte finish for the hunter ring.  

For External Animal Use Only.


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