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E.A. Mattes Custom Professional Front Small Boots

E.A Mattes

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E.A. Mattes Custom Professional Boots Front Small

The E.A Mattes Professional boots have been developed in close cooperation with Klaus Balkenhol, a well-known German dressage rider and trainer. Their unmistakeable design allows completely free movement of the fetlocks - dressage does not require any protection for the outside of the joint, but the hard shell is essential on the inside. The removable lambskin lining protects against pressure and rubbing and can reliably absorb huge quantities of sweat.

The Boots feature a Hard Shell made from highly resistant ABS plastic, only on the inside, covered with butt leather. The Hard Shells are designed not to touch the fetlock joint. The lower edges of the shell are wide enough not to touch the fetlock. The outside area of the fetlock joint is left completely open. The boots come with a detachable lambskin lining, this avoids any pressure points and friction, it also absorbs sweat. The edges of the boots must not overlap when closing!


This is a custom order item and will take 6 to 10 weeks to receive. There are NO RETURNS on Mattes custom ordered products. Please ensure you have selected the correct style, size and colours. Colours / Style is a graphical representation only, and may differ slightly from the final product.

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