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GumBits for Horses


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GumBits for Horses

GumBits, Chewing Gum for Horses & Ponies, promotes the salivation process and eliminates the teeth grinding which often can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses and ponies.

The product is a small gumball made with natural approved ingredients including beeswax and sugar and lasts a whole training session of around 45 minutes.  Helping also  with salivation and accepting the bit.  Great for stable treats, training sessions and competitions and a perfect addition to the tack box. 2 teaspoons of gumbits are suggested per session.

Not only does GumBits encourage chewing activity, trigger salivation, and eliminate teeth grinding, horses love the sweet taste. GumBits are made of all natural FDA approved ingredients and is safe and palatable.

  • Activates Salivation
  • Encourages Submission
  • Eliminates Teeth Grinding
  • Promotes Chewing Activity
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Safe for Competition Horses & Ponies

GumBits has been available at specialized tack stores and national equestrian stores for over twelve years. Many International and Olympic Competitors love the product and agree that GumBits is part of their success with their equine partners. Every horse rider, whether hobbiest or serious competitor should give GumBits a try to gain an advantage with their equine partner. The company has received hundreds of positive stories on how GumBits has helped their horses and ponies.

Comes packaged in an air tight bottle.

Also available for wholesale please email


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